The Power of Going Beyond

Into the future stronger, better, faster, brighter... together.

About Meghan & B-Side

"B" is for Beyond.

Beyond the status quo, the way it was, average, normal, what's expected.

For us, it was a choice to turn old-school models of business upside down and say, "It's okay to start with creativity." We believe creativity will invent the models of the future.

We're living in a new paradigm, and with observation, reflection and connection, entrepreneurs can grow sustainably into the future, together.

In 2023, the initial work of B Side began when Meghan realized a huge gap highly skilled and talented professionals kept running into. The request for a skilled and talented professional to only be able to scale or grow by setting aside their passion for the work and becoming a recruiter, manager and trainer was feeling very out-dated.

Pros are good because they're good, and are constantly sharpening the skills that make them a pro. Yet, even the pros deserve to go beyond.

Instead of asking them to morph into other roles and jobs, B Side offers expertise through programs like BUILD, COACH and LEVERAGE.

Meghan takes her years of experience and offers consulting and solutions for agents and solo-practictioners/solo-preneuers looking to maximize the present and the future, and stick with doing the things they love and light them up.

Meghan has worked as real estate agent selling over 450 homes and building a team to serve all those clients well. She has been a trainer, recruiter and coach for hundreds of real estate agents and built workshops and courses applicable for all kinds of business owners and leaders.

Our goal is to empower business owners like you to reaffirm your personal purpose and redefine your profit, serving more clients, better.

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