The Power of going Beyond

Into the future stronger, better, faster, brighter... together.

The Power of Going Beyond

Into the future stronger, better, faster, brighter... together.

The Story

What is B Side? It's the choice to flip old models of business upside down and say, "It's okay to start with creativity." Today's creativity will be the models of the future.

We're living in a new paradigm, and with observation, reflection and connection, entrepreneurs can grow sustainably into the future, together.

Our Offerings

Tailored solutions for your business needs.


You know you need to make your tech work for you but that requires countless hours of setting it up. Workflows, automations, landing pages, website, email campaigns, social channels, marketing calendars and more all take time to plan, create and execute.

We will build your very own hub with all the marketing and service solutions

you need and then train and support you on using it.


Once you hit a certain point in your business, it's time to hire full time, permanent rockstars to run everything you have set up. But what if you're not ready to add hiring, training and managing to your list of to-dos?

LEVERAGE is B-Side's "run-for-you" growth plan. We takes on select, qualified partners, and we run and implement your growth plan for (and with) you, with regular updates and reports, so you know exactly how to best optimize your new leads.


Meghan's heart lies with agents and entrepreneurs who have an ache to grow and transform, and are not sure which path to take to get there. With coaching that emphasizes meeting you where you are, uncovering where you want to go, and then helping you bridge the gap, one step at a time, private coaching is offered to those ready to take back the wheel on their life, business and choices.

Live and On-Demand Trainings

Whether you're looking to start up your business or grow your business, being confident in your back-end operations and marketing support is a must.

We are constantly growing our library of relevant trainings to make sure you know exactly what to do to optimize your business growth.

Software solutions

SaaS = Software as a Service. You pay for it every day via your CRM, Calendly accounts, dialers, content-editing apps and more.

Add in things like AI chat integrations, lead pages, landing pages, phone numbers, auto-text missed call backs, websites, funnels, squeeze pages, team accounts, email marketing, text marketing and 1.) It's a lot to keep up with. It is complicated & hard to tie together, and 2.) It gets expensive and unclear whether you're ROI is actually there.

Ask us about what it would save you in time and money to have your own unique platform built, designed for everything you want and nothing you don't.

Stop Wasting Time

and Money on Bad Tech.

There's a Better Way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions answered.

I already have systems, workflows and/or staff that get results. Can you work with what we already have?

Yes, depending on what you are aiming to accomplish, we can work within your current structure while ensuring optimization for growth and future development.

What kind of turn-around time does the BUILD service have?

We aim for quality, and also believe rapid improvements and quick wins are critical. BUILD could be done in as little as 14 days or as much as 45 days, depending on the scope needed to complete.

What does training look like once BUILD is complete & delivered?

We build a library of resources, customized for you and your business, that you can access anytime, indefinitely. After we have completed BUILD, we extend 4 live-training sessions to ensure you feel ready to implement, without friction.

How long are the customized coaching contracts?

Our customized coaching contracts start with 3 month minimums. This allows for enough time to connect, uncover gaps, strategize and implement.

What would qualify me/my business for the LEVERAGE?

A variety of factors go into LEVERAGE because it is a long-term RaaS (Revenue as a Service) partnership and requires certain commitments from all parties. The main qualifier is a proven track record of success and a desire to invite partnership in, in order to make life easier and business better!

Do you assist in content, branding, or marketing creation?

We encourage you to have done some preliminary work regarding your brand prior to working with us. If you need assistance: coaching can help. Once your brand has been established, yes, we will partner in content and marketing strategies as well as messaging that fits your unique voice and authentic expression.